The roots of your remaining natural teeth or dental implants that your dentist has placed are covered by an implant overdenture. You get excellent stability and support for your denture implants from the retained root or implant. Root-supported, implant-supported overdentures, or implant dentures, in contrast to conventional dentures, are secured in place by dental attachments that offer the desired retentive strength. With an attachment-retained implant overdenture, retention is maximised, function is increased, and additional health advantages are gained. The root post, which is screwed into your root or an implant abutment, and the denture cap, which is secured in the underside of your denture, are the two functional parts of an implant overdenture attachment. Your decision to adopt an implant overdenture or denture implant should be based mostly on the limited retention and stability of a typical denture that depends solely on suction. As your dental arches continue to atrophy due to tooth loss, retention only gets worse with time. A tooth’s root can be preserved and used to secure an implant overdenture when a tooth loses bone support over time. By preserving the level of bone in the top jaw (maxilla) and lower (mandible) jaw, the significant issues with function, retention, stability, mastication (chewing), and speaking can be overcome.

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