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“Welcome to Westhill Dental Care in Dartford, State-of-the-Art Dentistry for Optimal Oral Health! Our skilled team is committed to delivering top-tier dental, implant, cosmetic, and orthodontic services in a comfortable and modern setting. As a family-run clinic, we like natural-looking results for all our patients. After a recent refurbishment, our clinic now offers a wide range of cosmetic and routine dental services with state-of-the-art tools. Committed to high standards, we cater to all ages, ensuring that every patient leaves our clinic healthy. At Westhill Dental Centre, we aim to send every patient home with a confident and healthy smile. Book your appointment today for a step towards a beautiful smile!”

Your Journey With Us

Our caring and professional team is here to support you and your family with all your dental and oral care needs. Here’s a simple guide to starting your dental care journey with us:

Begin Your Consultation

In the initial consultation at our dental clinic, our Expert dentist will discuss your oral health concerns and treatment options, ensuring personalized care for your dental needs.

Specialized Assessment

You will receive personalized dental assessments tailored to your unique needs at our clinic, ensuring specialized care for your oral health.

Schedule Your Visit

If the initial plan aligns with your needs, we’ll assist in arranging your in-clinic treatment.

Comprehensive Clinic Evaluation

During your initial visit, our specialist conducts a detailed examination for precise, minimally invasive techniques and personalized treatment plans.

Initiate Your Dental Treatment

Upon approval of the treatment plan, we implement it with meticulous care and quality control to treat your oral health problems.

Dedicated Post-Treatment Assistance

After treatment, reach out for support through email, phone, WhatsApp, or direct calls. Your comfort is our commitment.

How Our Experts Can Assist You?

If you’re looking for a professional, friendly and high-quality dental centre in Dartford, look no further than Westhill Dental Care


General dentistry includes everything required to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Our routine checkups spot decay, and cleanings defend against gum problems.


A smile makeover consultation with our skilled and locally based Dartford dentists will help you achieve your dream smile. We believe that everyone deserves a healthy and natural smile.


Getting teeth straightened without surgery can be achieved through orthodontic treatment which corrects misalignments and helps in attaining a balanced alignment of your teeth.


Missing or broken teeth can lower your smile confidence in addition to making it difficult to eat. Dental Implants are the primary standard option for replacing missing or broken teeth.


This treatment enhances your natural beauty effortlessly with expert treatments, typically improving or restoring your previous youthful look.

Our Approach to Your Concerns

Sparkle with a Beautiful Smile

Exceptional Dental Services

Rely on our experienced dentists registered with the General Dental Council for top-quality dental care that exceeds expectations.

Personalized Assistance

You will receive a tailored treatment approach that identifies, prevents and deals with dental problems including gum disease.

In-depth Conversations

We discuss your chosen treatment thoroughly, ensuring you’re informed and confident in making decisions about your dental care.

Best-in-class treatment

All our patients in Westhill enjoy straightforward, effective methods, coupled with top-notch oral health guidance.
Ready to Make Your Smile Shine?

Discover Your Best Smile With Our Dental Experts.


kiriba karan
kiriba karan
Happy with my Dental work done.. my family’s joined as well
theeba kiriba
theeba kiriba
Best dentist in Dartford
Catherine Unthank
Catherine Unthank
Very kind and gentle
Danielle Collins
Danielle Collins
Lovely dentist , has time and patience for client receptionist is so kind thank you for a lovely experience Also very tolerant with children I take my autistic son to this practice
James French
James French
Great service from booking to being seen for my check-up.
Lucie Wenden
Lucie Wenden
Lovely clean dentist practice with friendly staff. Very informative about changes to my teeth during my first pregnancy
Angela Adekunle
Angela Adekunle
Dr Ambrose provided us with helpful and supportive advice treating us with impartiality and without making us feel criticised over our teeth. He is an excellent addition to the department and the West Hill Dental Centre and can only help other dentists can follow his example. Thank you Dr Ambrose, we need more dentists like you in the dental care industry !
Very comfortable