Multiple Implants

Dentures or bridges supported by implants can restore numerous lost teeth. Some of your tooth roots will be replaced by implant-supported bridges, which will better maintain your bone. The bone that once encircled the tooth root may start to resorb with a fixed bridge or removable partial denture. Your jawbone and dental implants work together to maintain the bone’s strength and health. Other popular procedures for multiple tooth loss, including permanent bridges or removable partial dentures, rely on the support of neighbouring teeth.In the long term, implants are aesthetic, functional and comfortable. Gums and bone can recede around a fixed bridge or removable partial denture, leaving a visible defect. Resorbed bone beneath bridges or removable partial dentures can lead to a collapsed, unattractive smile. The cement holding bridges in place can wash out, allowing bacteria to decay teeth that anchor the bridge. In addition, removable partial dentures can move around in the mouth and reduce your ability to eat certain foods. A bridge supported by implants has a more natural-looking appearance and does not negatively impact nearby teeth. Additionally, it aids in maintaining the shape of your jawbone and face. The treatment’s drawbacks include the tiny amount of surgery required and the lengthy recovery time. Implant supported bridges make it possible for those who are without teeth to chew, speak, and smile with ease. Implant-supported tooth replacement helps restore a natural looking smile, boosting confidence and allowing for more spontaneous expression.

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