Gum Disease treatment/Hygiene

Gum diseases, also referred as Periodontal diseases affects the gum tissues that surround the teeth. Like the teeth, the gum diseases are also caused by the dental bacteria that form plaque. If left unchecked, gum disease might affect the attachment of the tooth to the gum and may result in loosening of the tooth and eventual loss

Gum disease can be caused by any of the following

Poor oral hygiene

Smoking and chewing tobacco

Hormonal changes during pregnancy

Cancer and few other illness

Dietary factors

Healthy gums and oral hygiene are the foundation of the work that we do, we at West Hill Dental Centre prioritise your oral health and provide the care and advice you need to establish your ideal oral hygiene routine.
Tartar and plaque build-up is the main cause for gum disease, regular cleaning around your teeth apart from brushing and flossing is essential to provide a clean, healthy oral environment. Over-time plaque build-up can reduce the quality of your teeth and progressive gum disease can lead to loosening and the eventual loss of teeth. The initial signs of gum disease is painless and can often go unnoticed, therefore regular hygienist appointments are of importance.

We provide: –

Scaling : procedure used to professionally clean your teeth and gums with specialised gentle equipment. –

Air-polish: minimally invasive technique which uses compressed air, fine powder and water as an alternative to traditional methods to remove displeasing superficial stains from your teeth.

Our expert, fully qualified team are at the forefront of preventive dentistry and along with your co-operation can ensure your teeth and gums stay healthy.

If you have noticed bleeding or swollen gums, please call 01322223352 to contact us so we can examine you and provide treatment

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